Scarborough Fair 2022


Dragon Eggs

Dragon eggs are ready to hatch eggs with dragon plushies inside. Each egg has a door that is just waiting for the owner to come along and help the dragon hatch it’s way out. The hatching of the egg is an experience in itself. Our dragon eggs come in 2 sizes: Our standard size is approximately 6-7 inches and Large is approximately 10-11 inches.

Each egg is prepared for hatching by our company to ensure that, while no egg is just alike, all of our eggs are of a high quality and ready for the new dragon trainer. We have several different types of dragons and eggs to facilitate different color and style desires of our customers. The egg shell is handmade entirely by our artisan using paper mache, then adding a gypsum texture coat, and finally hand painting it.

We also have a carrying bag for your new egg friend with our leather dragon bags.

We have a large variety of dragon species to choose from with prices ranging from $25 up to $35 depending on the size.

Dragon Bags are $10-15

Fairy Wings

Ready to take flight and join the ranks of the Fae? Our wings will help you look the part with beautiful colors, sparkle and form. Each wing is hand made with faith, trust, and pixie dust!

Our fairy wings are handcrafted using 14 gauge steel wire and nylon. Wings are then hand sprayed with a base coat of paint and then hand painted with detail designs. Finished off with pixie dust and smooth ribbon for our final touches. Worn backpack style with elastic straps or by tucking the U bar into the back of a corset or dress. All of our wings are rigid and made to stand out from the back to add a liveliness to them. We make them in sizes from baby to adult.

Wing prices are based on wing span and complexity starting at $30 and going up to $100

Dragon Tails

Let your imagination run wild and become a dragon
with a tail! The tails range in sizes from 14” through
24” long. Tails fit around your waste with satin ribbon and can fit most sizes of waists. Comes in a variety of colors and styles. All handmade.

Dragon tails range in length from 14″ to 24″ and are priced according to length. $25 up to $35

Leather Dragon Tails

For the more rugged dragon enthusiast we have the leather dragon tail.

Leather tails are laser cut, molded and hand painted,
each tail includes either a belt loop or clip for easy

Dragon tails range in length from small to large and are priced according to length. $40 up to $60.

Tabletop Gaming Acumen

Enhance your tabletop experience with dice trays, dice towers, DM screens, card boxes, and more. We design and build our products for style and function, and we use them in our own games! Using wood, leather and engraved designs, we create products at all price points to satisfy the needs of interested players.

Hand Poured and Polished Resin Dice
Dice are a fundamental part of any tabletop adventure! We offer a huge variety in our 7-dice sets, truly no two sets are exactly alike. We pour and cure all of our dice in our studio, polish the faces for a gleaming shine and finally hand paint the numbers for high visibility.

Taking inspiration from classic and ancient games, our double duty dice bags are hand cut and laser etched suede to include all that is needed to game
on the go. When you’re not playing, the bag doubles as a
carrier for all your dice!

Various gaming boxes are $10-15
Dice are $30 – $50
Dice Towers are $25
Dice Bags $20-30
DM Screen $60-100
Dice Tray $15-25
Spell Books $20

Wood Toys

With our small weapon reproductions you can lay siege on a tiny tower of your own making. Fill our treasure chests with the loot of your victories!

Catapult Kit is $20
Ballista Kit is $20
Treasure Chests are $ 15 – 25
Castle $20


Our games are an on the go boredom cure. We have many leather games to choose from including 9 Men’s Morris, Halma Battle, Chess, and Hnefatafl.

We have designed and developed a few card and board games. We do all of our own art and box them up in the studio. Our games run in two themes either fairy fantasy or Renaissance time period of the 16th Century.  For example our fantasy card game that makes matching more competitive! 

Our leather games are $20 -$30
Card games are $15-30
Board games are $20-60
Story Stones are $5

Fairy Things

Fill out your fairy costume with our fairy items. From necklaces to wands, we can help add that little sparkle and flare you are seeking!

Fairy Wands $10
Bubble Wands $10
Resin Fairy and Mermaid Necklaces $2-10
Dragon and Pegasus Key chains $5
Dragon Claw Necklace $5
Pixie Dust from $1-10
Tangle Fairies $15-20
Fairytales $5-10
Large Glass Bottles (No Dust) $20

Head wear

We can top off your costume with the perfect finish. Unicorn horns, flower crowns, and leather fairy hats.

Unicorn Horns $30-60
Animal Ear Crown $30-60
Flower Crowns $30-60
Dragon Horns $60-100
Magician Hat $200-300