Medieval Fair of Norman


Our toadstool tent is 12×12 hexagon. It is a pop up tent that we cover with the toadstool top and use the wrap around panels to cover the metal legs on the front. Our product hangs from netting on the back and sides. We use all wood signs, stands, and tables.

We also have our viking tent for the dragon eggs portion of our booth. It is made in the style of vikings, but scaled down.

We will be adding a new tent this year for our Game Tavern section. This will be a panther 12×20 tent.


Dragon Eggs

Help hatch your very own baby dragon. Our dragon eggs are colorful toys that are experiences waiting to happen. Inside each egg is a baby dragon ready to hatch. We also have a carrying bag for your new egg friend with our leather dragon bags.

We have a large variety of dragon species to choose from with prices ranging from $20 up to $40 depending on the size.

Dragon Bags are $5-15

Fairy Wings

Ready to take flight and join the ranks of the Fae? Our wings will help you look the part with beautiful colors, sparkle and form. Each wing is hand made with faith, trust, and pixie dust!

Wing prices are based on wing span and complexity starting at $15 up to $80.

Dragon Tails

Become a dragon with our playful dragon tails. Easily worn for all ages.

Dragon tails range in length from 15″ to 24″ and are priced according to length. $20 up to $30.

Leather Dragon Tails

For the more rugged dragon enthusiast we have the leather dragon tail.

Dragon tails range in length from small to large and are priced according to length. $60 up to $80.

Tabletop Gaming Acumen

Our tabletop gaming accessories help the adventures continue to the table top no matter your age. With resin dice, Card storage boxes, and Dice Towers. Our products are artisan made.

Card boxes are $ 12
Dice Boxes are $12
Dice are $20 – $40
Dice Towers are $20-30
Dice Bags $10-30
Card and Dice Combo boxes are $ 25

Wood Toys

With our small weapon reproductions you can lay siege on a tiny tower of your own making. Fill our treasure chests with the loot of your victories!

Catapult Kit is $10
Ballista Kit is $10
Built Catapult or Ballista $15
Treasure Chests are $ 15 – 25


Our games are an on the go boredom cure. We have many leather games to choose from including 9 Men’s Morris, Halma Battle, Chess, and Hnefatafl.

We also have our own line of board games. Some are fantasy and others history based. For example our fantasy card game that makes matching more competitive! We also have Fantasy based story stones that offer a fun way of telling stories into a game.

Our leather games are $15 -$30
Card games are $15-30
Board games are $20-60
Story Stones are $5

Fairy Things

Fill out your fairy costume with our fairy items. From necklaces to wands, we can help add that little sparkle and flare you are seeking!

Fairy Wands $5
Bubble Wands $10
Resin Fairy and Mermaid Necklaces $2-10
Dragon and Pegasus Key chains $5
Dragon Claw Necklace $5
Pixie Dust from $1-20
Tangle Fairies $15-20
Fairytales $5-10

Head wear

We can top off your costume with the perfect finish. Unicorn horns, flower crowns, and leather fairy hats.

Unicorn Horns $5-20
Flower Crowns $2-30
Dragon Horns $5-30
Fairy Hat $250-300