Bringing Magical worlds into your home.

Fox and Fairy Creations is a partnership of artisans that create toys and games to bring magic into your home. From hatching your very own dragon from it’s egg to setting up your ultimate dragon delve in a paper and pencil game, we are here to help build those worlds.

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Mythical is our domain

We specialize in all things mythical and magical. Let’s create a world that inspires and can brings dreams to reality.

Our Brands

Fidgety Fox

Fidgety Fox Handicrafts was born from the anxiety and fussing of a woman with a big-ass laser. Specializing in handcrafted ornaments, leather goods, and DIY kits.

Fairy Spirit

Handmade Fairy wings.

Land of Myth or Not

We envision bringing the world of magic to you. Imagine being able to take a leap from the world we call Earth and landing in the Land of Myth or Not. Imagine possibilities, the stories, and the adventures. We provide an out-of-this-dimension experience where magic really can happen.