About Us

Fox and Fairy Creations is a partnership of two artisans that create toys and games to bring the magic of pretend play into our customers lives. From hatching your very own dragon from its egg to setting up your ultimate dragon delve in a paper and pencil game, we are here to help build those worlds for all ages.

Fox and Fairy Creations is

Monica Rubits

Artist and Co-owner

Monica is the owner of Fidgety Fox, a new brand to introduce our company to the older aged market. She has many years of experience in many creative arts including leather craft, sewing, and woodworking.

Our Fidgety Fox brand represents our line for the older age market. Bringing in accessories and full fledged games to increase play and fun for those that are too old for toys but still love fantasy worlds.

Leanne Pyle

Artist and Co-owner

Leanne is the owner of Fire Spirit Studios, LLC and the creator of the Fairytales and Dragon Scales and Fairy Spirit brands. She has been making magical toys and accessories for over 20 years. With an artistic flair to make the mythical come to life she has made intractable art for children, who are not her own, since 2004.

Dragon Scales and Fairy Tales is our line for the younger age market. Toys that are experiences themselves help our fantasy loving children continue to expand and explore the world of imagination through play.

The Fairy Spirit brand is our line of fantastical fairy wings. From tiny wings for babies and pets to large wings for adults, we want to make every fairy dream come true. Our experience of purchasing wings is not just an exchange of money for goods, we make the transformation from human to fae an experience. Mini flight lessons, an official certificate of fairy induction, as well as allowing the new fairy to ring a bell proclaiming her new wings are all a part of our new winging journey.